Erwin Hermsen (Horst - The Netherlands)
Erwin Hermsen is the owner of Toneshed Recording Studio. Most of the time he is recording bands producing low tones and high volumes...hehe... Erwin has been playing the guitar since he was 14 years old and started the Death metal formation Mangled (RIP) in 1989. In 1995 Erwin started recording local bands, using portable gear. In 2003 Erwin built his own studio.

Erwin recorded bands like: Mangled, Inhume, Severe Torture, Insult, Cirith Gorgor, Collision, Grimm, Murder Syndicate, State:Chaos, The Sin Committee, Storm of Fiction and many more...

If you're looking for a high quality yet cost effective recording of your demo, pre-production or full length CD, have your recorded tracks (re-)mixed and/or mastered, have DI guitar tracks re-amped using real tube amps, etc.
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Ruud Obdeijn (Eindhoven - The Netherlands)
In his daily life Ruud’s core business is Industrial Design. Ruud is also a specialist in photography and HD-video. You can find out at

Beside these creative activities he is also a singer/songwriter. He has been the lead singer, songwriter and guitar player in a few bands like Upper Ten, Suburb, Desert walk and E&R. He also worked along with other musicians in different music projects.

Song writing and musical recordings and budget audio productions are his core. Combining his video and photography skills with specially therefore composed music are Ruud's most passionate activities.
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    Albert Zeeman (Den Bosch - The Netherlands)
    As certified (Harvard, Tias and Nima) marketing professional Albert has a successful track record with solutions for many challenges. No limit to ideas and options to help organizations and individuals to improve or innovate their performance.

    With the birth of iMovie a new hobby started for Albert: video production. Albert wrote numerous reviews regarding iMovie, iMovie plugins, alternative editing software, FCP, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro etc. At Mac enthusiasts meetings Albert acts as iMovie and FCE trainer. Several developers enjoyed his help by creating new video tools. Many reviews have been published in the Dutch magazine MacFan.

    Albert is the initiator of Tunes2Use and no artist (he once tried to play bass guitar...). Albert created as a novice a few tunes with SonicFire Pro. With this software you can create your own royalty free tunes at any length and tuned to the mood.
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